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who is dosepoet?

Let's see, about me uh well... I'm an old man, probably almost dead actually, but I still have a good time. I'm a full-time, single dad of twin boys born in 2009, Cade & Collin. I have a daughter, MJ who is a few years older than the boys and two older sons.

I'm a former professional drunk, mainly only on weekends or occasionally and I fully retired in 2011. Previous retirements never lasted, but this one was much easier (praise the lord!) and the day I put the bottle down I never picked it up again. I did do it on my own, but a lot of people in my life helped me - without knowing - by just existing.

My love for creative writing started at the age of 6 or 7 and I've been writing on and off since. I've been published a few times - no major publications though lol. I guess the most popular would have been in a creative magazine at Emerson College. Boston Alumni ๐Ÿ™‚

If you're curious about anything else, just ask.

<3 dose

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dosepoet and lynds

Bright Spotlight

youโ€™re a bright spotlight
inside my heart
centered on my stage of heartbreak
you lead me out of my darkness
and my demons always keep their distance
as I slip into a trance
remembering our romance
a perfect storm of vivid photographs
occupy my mind
and I finally find satisfaction
your naked silhouette of perfection
warms my soul and everythingโ€™s ok
even if only for a minute
until youโ€™re gone again.

I crucify myself for all of my mistakes
as I long to make death my best friend
Iโ€™ve been without you way too long again…

Read The Rest Here – Bright Spotlight.

ยฉ forever :: dosepoet

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