All these photographs of us
keep my mind from darkness
keep my heart beating a little longer
and I’m stronger today
than my demons it seems
because while they continue to chase
they just can’t keep up
with my love for you.

All these photographs
your sexy sweet smile
and your kiss I miss the most
so I wait still
2148 days now without your love
my preferred drug
my sweet addiction
my best friend.

All these photographs
always have me looking back at the past
always have me dreaming of the future
knowing we’re really supposed to be together
and forever was never long enough for us
and I’m sorry for every mistake
now it’s always dark outside
now I’m always dying inside, without you.

All these photographs
and the flames can’t even burn them
all these photographs
they slip through my hands without ripping
all these photographs
they’re all I really have left of us
all these photographs
all these photographs of us.

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