Hey dose fans and friends! I want to thank everyone for all of the love over the past week! I have sold my first pink poster here on dosepoet.com and someone has already taken advantage of a Free Postcard from the store by commenting on a blog post! Exciting stuff! 🙂

I’ve also had another successful week on the dosepoet facebook fan page, tons of likes, comments and shares! This means the world to me! Thank you!!!

Last week was a pretty long week here with the boys, work and lack of sleep. I have so much on my mind and find myself up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Oh well, sleep is overrated anyway. I’m looking forward to heading back south to be near family and friends in the Spring. I’ll hopefully find a decent job and continue writing and adding new products to the store here on the website. I’m working on a t-shirt design that will be something like the poster and available in spaghetti string tank tops for ladies (I’m guessing only females would wear a shirt with my words on it lol).

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!!


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