I have a few more stanzas I’m working on. Lately I’m so busy I almost hate it, the entrepreneur thing really gets in the way of writing sometimes lol. “Go big or stay the fuck home”, that’s what I say! Hopefully we’ll start releasing reality vids again soon and I’ll get back to writing daily. Until then, free postcards for comments on this post 😛 hit me up!

Mug Giveaway

I have yet to get any professional pictures of this glossy black "reflect everything" mug lol. Anyway, same deal as the poster. 1) Subscribe to my blog here if you haven't already and login. 2) Comment on this blog post. 3) You're in the raffle...

when I’m alone

When I'm alone is a theme really. I've revisited this many times and it's taken form as a few longer poems over the years. Being alone can really change. I think that's what amazes me most these days.

happy birthday to me

We had an absolute blast on my birthday at Fun City or whatever it was lol. Lazer tag was FUN FUN FUN. And watching them was priceless lol god I love these two minis. Cade pulled two 500 ticket rolls out of the claw machine and of course I...

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