This one was written in 2011 and has been performed live at a few different venues in Iowa. It’s had a standing ovation once, which was surprising because I pretty much suck lol.
she’s pure heroin
I need my fucking heroin
you know
I’m an addict
I have to have her sweet
all over my face
and I only wait for her to cum my way

I’d taste her all damn day
what can I say
I don’t need to breathe
when she smothers me
with such a treat
and she has nothing better to do
there’s s nothing better to do
when you’re my muse
you benefit
you melt all over me
and I refuse to breathe

she’s pure fucking heroin
my weakness, my addiction
I can’t move no I cant even see
without her so damn hot sweet wet on me

lately I only talk to her occasionally
I need a fucking 12 step program
or her naked in my living room
so I can spank her sweet
drink her down
and hear her moans of ecstasy, her screams
yes once again
I boot up my pure fucking heroin

I’m drifting into oblivious
there is absolutely no way to mistake this
addiction that I have
for my heroin
for the taste of pure ecstasy
her hot wet sweet all fucking over my face
and I dive in so helplessly
I devour every drop for her
my heroin
pure heroin
my god she’s just like heroin.

she’s my only sin.

I only talk to her on occasion.

I need a fucking 12 step program.

She’s Pure FUCKING Heroin.

All day I wait for her to cum my way.

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