I haven’t had a drink in 6+ years now and while I can say I’ve been sober, I can’t say “clean and sober” as I have half a dozen herniated disks that keep me in chronic pain on a daily basis. I definitely don’t miss drinking though, I hate who I become when I add alcohol. I did find an opiate alternative, Kratom, that’s legal and sold locally and around most of the world. I think it’s illegal in some places still; however, it’s a great alternative to opiates for pain relief. Not that I don’t like opiates, because it’s quite the opposite, I love them lol. The disaster that is Obamacare never worked for me though so I was lucky when I found pain relief without having to seek a physician. Bless the lord.

Anyway, I’ve been somewhat hibernating the past few years – 2 at least – and I apologize for this. I wish all I had to do was write, but that alone doesn’t pay the bills. Wouldn’t it be a dream if it did? So yeah I’ve been working, battling depression, anxiety and my normal everyday insanity. During this time I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything. I’m sure most of my fellow writers experience the same thing? It happens lol. As for the twins, they’re doing really good in school and we’ve been living the American dream of poverty. What a joy lol. Having the boys is worth it all though, that’s for sure!

So I’m kinda back, keep your eyes on facebook if that’s not where you arrived from. Thanks for visiting dosepoet.com.

I still fkn’ love you all. Peace.


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